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Barcode lines around lips

What is it?

These are the small superficial vertical lines above your upper lip and sometimes below your lower lip too. They are often called smokers lines, but they usually occur in non-smokers. They are often combined with a decrease in lip volume, and patients complain their lipstick ‘bleeds’ out of the lips.

Why does it happen?

These vertical lines appear as a result of ageing, loss of collagen and UV damage. There is also a degree of overactivity of the circular muscle around the lips called the obicularis oris. Lighter skin types have less inbuilt protection from UV damage in the form of melanin so are more prone to getting wrinkles at an earlier age.


Treatment Options

Wrinkle relaxing injections

For Barcode lines around lips

Can relax the ring like muscle around the lips and soften the lines. This can also help evert the lip slightly. View our treatment page for further information and for images of results.


For Barcode lines around lips

We use a fine filler to soften these lines and often combine this treatment with lip fillers. We sometimes find that for mild barcode lines, we are able to improve them with lip filler alone.

Morpheus 8

For Barcode lines around lips

This is a radiofrequency with a microneedling device that can resurface and tighten the skin. It provides incredible, long-lasting results as it reaches deeper than all other machines on the market.

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