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Heavy lower face

What is it?

A heavy lower face can be excess volume in the lower face or loose skin. The result can be a face that is disproportionately heavier in the lower face as well as jowls and double chin.

Why does it happen?

Jowling usually develops as a result of ageing, loss of collagen and increasing skin laxity. This is combined with loss of volume in the midface as the fat pockets there shrink in size. The fat pockets around your jawline and under the chin increase with age. Some people find they get jowling after weight loss, especially if it has been rapid. In certain cases it can happen temporarily after masseter/jawline slimming wrinkle relaxing injections. Some people have a very strong masseter muscle on the side of their face which can get stronger with teeth grinding. This can contribute to a heavy and wide lower face.


Treatment Options

Jawline slimming wrinkle relaxing injections

For Heavy lower face

The masseter muscle is a rectangular shaped muscle on the side of your face that is the strongest and largest muscle in your face. Wrinkle relaxing injections in the masseter muscle can slim your lower face.

Jawline fillers

For Heavy lower face

Careful placement of fillers can potentially disguise heaviness. We often need to ensure there is sufficient cheek volume before doing this. Jawline filler can be brilliant for improving definition, creating sharper contours and improving jowls and sagging.

Chin Fillers

For Heavy lower face

Can help increase structural support for the heaviness under the chin and disguise it. Chin filler is often used with jawline filler but we would need to do an in person consultation to decide the best treatment option.

Neck Lift Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

For Heavy lower face

If a patient has a very strong platysma muscle (collar like muscle around the neck), it may be excessively pulling down the jawline. Relaxing this muscle with wrinkle relaxing injections can improve the jawline’s definition and improve the double chin area.

Morpheus 8

For Heavy lower face

This is radiofrequency with microneedling and can help tighten the skin and shrink fat cells, resulting in a more defined jawline. It is best to do Morpheus 8 before fillers as it can potentially dissolve fillers quicker. It also means you will require less filler and it will sit better when the skin is tighter.


For Heavy lower face

This is radiofrequency without microneedling, which is less invasive than Morpheus 8 and therefore has less downtime. It transmits energy to the tissues under the skin and causes a tightening effect to the skin and deeper layers.


For Heavy lower face

If the issue is mainly skin laxity then Profhilo on the face and neck can tighten the skin and help. You can do this in combination with other treatments.

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