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Sagging Face

What is it?

A sagging face can mean different things for different people. For most people, it means heaviness in the lower face and an inversion of the youthful upside down triangle. It can mean losing the elasticity of the skin, heaviness around the jowl area, around the nose to mouth lines and eyelids.

Why does it happen?

There are many different things that contribute to this sagging.

1. You lose collagen and elastin with age and this is accelerated after the age of 30. So your skin loses its elasticity and tightness and starts appearing saggy, especially in certain areas.
2. There are certain fat pockets in your face that lose volume, these are mostly in your cheek area. There are others that actually gain volume; these are around your jowl/jawline area and above your nose to mouth lines. The combination of the lack of support in your cheeks and excess weight in the lower face can contribute to a sagging face.
3. Your skull actually shrinks with age as well. Think of it as the scaffolding for your facial tissues and skin. When your skull shrinks, the skin and tissues sag as a result.


Treatment Options

Midface and Chin Fillers

For Sagging Face

Can help increase structural support for the heaviness under the chin and disguise it. If you are considering this treatment it’s always best to book in for a consultation so we can assess your full face and recommend the best treatment option for you.

Neck Lift Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

For Sagging Face

If a patient has a very strong platysma muscle (collar like muscle around the neck), it may be excessively pulling down the jawline. Relaxing this muscle with wrinkle relaxing injections can improve the jawline’s definition and improve the double chin area.

Morpheus 8

For Sagging Face

This is radiofrequency with microneedling and can help tighten the skin and shrink fat cells, resulting in a more defined jawline. It is best to do Morpheus 8 before fillers as it can potentially dissolve fillers quicker. It also means you will require less filler and it will sit better when the skin is tighter.


For Sagging Face

This is radiofrequency without microneedling, which is less invasive than Morpheus 8 and therefore has less downtime. It transmits energy to the tissues under the skin and causes a tightening effect to the skin and deeper layers.


For Sagging Face

If the issue is mainly skin laxity then Profhilo on the face and neck can tighten the skin and help. You can do this in combination with other treatments.

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