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Low Eyebrows

What is it?

Some people feel their eyebrows sit lower than they would like and they have restricted lid space.

Why does it happen?

Some people have this naturally whilst others may notice their eyelids get heavier with age. This happens as the skin in the upper eyelid becomes more lax and the muscles that pull your eyebrows downwards get stronger with age. In some people, loss of support around the eyebrow, particularly in the temple areas, can contribute to low set brows.


Treatment Options

Wrinkle Relaxing Brow Lift Injections

For Low Eyebrows

Can be used to lift the inner corner and the tail of the brows (or just tail/just inner corner if desired). It is a fantastic subtle treatment that is effective and safe. See the treatment page on Wrinkle Relaxing Brow Lift Injections for more information.

Temple Fillers

For Low Eyebrows

If there has been significant hollowing of the temples it can contribute to drooping of the tail of the brow. Treating this area with filler can rejuvenate your entire face without people being able to tell what you have had done.

Mini PDO threads

For Low Eyebrows

We use mini PDO threads for collagen stimulation in the forehead to tighten the skin and lift the brows slightly. The lift with this is very subtle. We do not do Fox eye thread lifts as we feel it is too high risk for complications.

Morpheus 8

For Low Eyebrows

If there has been significant skin laxity around the eye, temple and forehead area then we can use Morpheus 8 to tighten the skin and thereby give a slight lift. View our treatment page for further information.

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