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The ‘eleven’ lines between your eyebrows, also referred to as Glabella creases, are a very common issue and can present from your early 20s.

Botulinum Toxin (wrinkle relaxing injections) is an extremely effective treatment at softening and in many cases completely erasing them.

It is by far the most effective treatment available for this area for most people. It is also a treatment that works best before the wrinkles get deep or set in the skin.

Please read the FAQs below for more information about this treatment. 

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Please see our most commonly asked questions below

What kind of results can be achieved?
In most cases, we soften the glabella lines dramatically and in some, we can completely erase them. It depends on how deep the wrinkles are and whether they have become ‘static’ wrinkles or not. See below for who is suitable or not. Botulinum Toxin is by far the most effective treatment for upper face wrinkles and far superior to any skin treatments available. However, we always recommend a good skin care regime in combination. This is an area which when treated, results in a restricted ability to frown. In our experience, this is not an expression that people miss so we usually recommend freezing it completely. In any case, though, you get some return of muscle activity around 6-8 weeks. Some people prefer a lower dose so they are still able to frown. This is fine to do, but it may not remove the glabella creases, and your anti wrinkle injections may not last the full 3 months. Patients often comment that nobody has noticed they have had anything done but have been told their skin looks great and they look well rested. An added benefit of wrinkle relaxing injections between your eyebrows is that it can give you a slight brow lift (not a full brow lift). For a full brow lift you need to also have the area around your eyes (crow’s feet) treated.
Who is this treatment suitable and not suitable for?
If you target glabella lines before they become static wrinkles, which are wrinkles that appear at rest without you moving your face, then it is often possible to completely erase them. However, once those lines set in without you making facial expressions, i.e static wrinkles, Botulinum toxin does not work as well. This is because it works by freezing the muscle that is causing the wrinkle. If the wrinkles have set in, it will relax the muscle but not erase the wrinkle. However, in these cases, it will still soften the wrinkles and over time, it can reduce them dramatically with repeated treatments. If you have static wrinkles, we would recommend that you combine Botulinum toxin with skin care treatments such as home retinol based skin care, microneedling, peels and PRP. We therefore recommend people start doing preventative Botulinum toxin before their wrinkles set in and the frequency for this can be less than normal. Often people come every 6-9 months if it is more for prevention and they don’t mind a few lines. The normal frequency is 3-4 months. If you have heavy wrinkles or are over 60 then Botulinum toxin may not be suitable for you. You can come for a consultation to discuss other options. We would then recommend focussing on skin rejuvenation treatments. Allergies to Botulinum toxin are exceedingly rare. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you cannot have this treatment.
How long does it last?
On average Botulinum Toxin lasts 3-4 months. It is completely normal to require treatments every 3 months in the first 2 years. Over time it tends to last longer and patients that have been doing it for some time come every 6 months. If you are doing it more for prevention and don’t mind a few lines, you can come every 6-9 months. When Botulinum Toxin wears off, your wrinkles go back to how they were before and are often softer. It does not make them worse in any way. It is not possible to get dependent on Botulinum Toxin. The reason why people end up attending regularly is because they love the results and how effective a treatment it is. It is normal to start getting some movement around week 6-8, this does not mean it has worn off early. It is a normal return to activity but full activity takes 3-4 months.
What is the recovery/downtime?
You will have five small bumps that look like mosquito bites above and between your eyebrows that last no more than a few hours usually. Small bruises can happen which can sometimes take 2 weeks to resolve. These can usually be covered with makeup. We do not recommend wearing any makeup for 4 hours after. Please see the aftercare section for more information.
What are the side effects and risks?
Like all medical treatments, there are side effects and risks. Mild bruising is common as are headaches and cold-like symptoms. Sometimes the result can be slightly asymmetrical, especially if you had some asymmetry to begin with. This is usually simple to correct at your follow up appointment. Complications are rare with this treatment. A rare complication is an eyelid droop referred to as ‘ptosis’. If this happens, it only lasts a few weeks and not the duration of the anti wrinkle injections. We can also give you eye drops to correct it. Although this is not an area that usually needs a top-up (unlike forehead anti wrinkle injections), we still recommend all new patients come for a review follow up appointment between 2-3 weeks after so we can check the results and inject more at this point without any extra charge. We will then understand your anatomy better and will usually only need one appointment in the future. Therefore it is helpful to stick to the same injector who learns the special quirks about your face. It is important to follow the aftercare to minimise these risks and ensure you get the best result.
How painful is the treatment?
There is very minimal pain and hardly any patients require numbing cream. We use the tiniest needles available on the market. We recommend all patients take 1g of Paracetamol 1 hour before their appointment. We find patients sometimes find it a bit more painful around their menstrual cycle.
The appointment is 30 minutes long but the treatment itself is very quick, it usually takes 5 minutes. At your first appointment we will spend a bit more time assessing your face and discussing the treatment.
No. of sessions
The desired results will usually be achieved with the first session, but new patients will often need to come for the follow-up appointment free of charge (for wrinkle relaxing injections only) at the 2-3 week mark.
How will I look straight after?
You will have small bumps that will take a few hours to resolve. You may have a small bruise. Most people can go out and socialise the same evening. It takes 2 weeks for wrinkle relaxing injections to kick in. Most patients notice it starts taking effect from day 5.
How is it done?
We initially undertake a thorough assessment of your whole face and check how it appears at rest and facial expression. We take photographs and then mark out the area to be treated. Numbing cream is usually not needed. We then use the tiniest needles available on the market. It will feel slightly cold as the liquid is injected. It has the consistency of water. Most people say it feels like a pinch. The treatment is complete in 5 minutes.
Can it be reversed?
Wrinkle relaxing injections always wears off so no effect or even side effect is permanent. It is normal to start getting some movement around week 6-8, this does not mean it has worn off early. It is a normal return to activity but full activity takes 3-4 months. It is not possible to reverse wrinkle relaxing injections or remove them which is why we advocate a lighter approach on your first sessions as it is possible to add more at your follow up. However, if you do get a side effect such as asymmetry, it can often be improved by injecting more.
What is the aftercare?
Looking after your anti wrinkle injections

1. Please do not apply any pressure to the areas treated for the first 24 hours. The wrinkle relaxing injections have been placed into specific muscles very carefully and pressure can dislodge it.

2. Please stay upright for the next 4 hours after treatment

3. No exercise for 24 hours and avoid very intense exercise for the next 3 days

4. Please be careful with wearing hats and caps for the first 24 hours as that can also apply pressure.

5. No facials or facial massages/devices for one week. No eyebrow treatments ideally for 2 weeks.
How many units do I need?
This is completely dependent on individual anatomy. A standard amount for the glabella is 20 units. Men often need higher units.
Which brand of Botulinum toxin do you use?
We use the original anti wrinkle injections brand in our clinic. It is more expensive than all other brands, but we feel it gives our patients the most reliable and long-lasting results.
How do I prepare before the appt?
Before your Appointment

1. Please stop using topical Retinols, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acids, Salicylic Acid and Tretinoin 5 days before your treatment. This will minimise pain and bruising. However, if you have been established on these for a long time and your skin is likely to flare up without them, you do not need to stop them.

2. Please stop using any Vitamin E supplements and Ibuprofen/Neurofen 5 days before your treatment. Please do not stop any Aspirin prescribed by your GP.

3. Laser treatments for the face, microneedling and chemical peels have to be avoided 1 week before and after the treatment. Eyebrow treatments should be 2 weeks after wrinkle relaxing injections as their position may change slightly with treatment.

4. Please do not drink alcohol 24 hours before and after the procedure. You are slightly more likely to bruise with it.

5. Make sure you eat something before your appointment and are well hydrated. This prevents feeling light headed during the procedure.

6. It is advisable to take 1 g of Paracetamol (2 tablets) 30 mins-1 hour before your appointment as it will significantly reduce any discomfort during the procedure.

7. Please attend the appointment alone. There is limited space in the clinic and anybody with you will be asked to wait outside the building.

8. Please come to the appointment with makeup removed and minimal jewellery.

9. Please note, we are not able to carry out any Dermal Filler treatments if you are due to fly in the next 3 days. Wrinkle relaxing injections, Profhilo and Aqualyx are fine.
How does the pricing work?
There are different pricing structures. Please see price list for more information.


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