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Gummy Smile

What is it?

A gummy smile is when you have an excessive show of the gums above your upper teeth when you smile.

Why does it happen?

The reason why people get a gummy smile is that the muscle that pulls your upper lip upwards is excessively strong.


Treatment Options

Gummy Smile Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

For Gummy Smile

We use wrinkle relaxing injections to relax this muscle and restrict how much it lifts up your upper lip thereby reducing your gummy smile. Further information and images of results can be found on the treatments page.

Lip Fillers

For Gummy Smile

Sometimes we can use lip fillers alone or in combination with wrinkle relaxing injections to improve a gummy smile. Some people with thinner lips are better off getting fillers as it lasts longer than wrinkle relaxing injections. However, if you already have good sized lips, it is best to stick to the wrinkle relaxing injections.

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