Price List

Please see below our pricing list for our treatments. If you're not sure what you need please get in touch for a detailed quote.

injectables machine


LEAD Doctor: £150

oTHER practitionerS(INJECTABLES ONLY): £50


Skin Consultation with Therapist(not injectables): £50



1 area

Other practitioners: £235 Lead Doctor: £350

2 areas

Other practitioners: £295 Lead doctor: £400

3 areas

Other practitioners: £350 Lead doctor: £475

4 areas

Other practitioners: £400 Lead doctor: £525

Neck area

other practitioners: £350 lead doctor: £475

Jawline Slimming (with Botulinum toxin)


Lead Doctor: £475

Other Practitioners: £350



Midface/Cheeks/Chin/Jawline 1 ml

Other practitioners: £380 Lead doctor: £550

Midface/Cheeks/Chin/Jawline 2 ml

Other practitioners: £650 Lead doctor: £1000

Lip Fillers

Other practitioners: £350 Lead doctor: £550

Nose to mouth lines

Other practitioners: £380 Lead doctor: £550

Tear trough fillers


Nose fillers

Lead Doctor £650 other Practitioners £500

Temple filler

Other practitioners: £380 Lead doctor: £550

Subsequent mls

Other Practitioners £300 per 1ml LEAD DOCTOR £450

Filler dissolving

Other practitioners: £295 Lead doctor: £495

Full Face Rejuvenation 8 mls (includes tear trough, nose and upper face anti-wrinkle injections)



Skin Injectables

2 sessions

Lead Doctor £800 Other Practitioners £650

1 session

Lead Doctor £450 Other Practitioners £350

Skin boosters

Skin Injectables

Hydro/or other (all over face) 1 session (3 recommended)

Other practitioners: £300 Lead doctor: £450

Hydromax (targeted wrinkles) 1 session (1-2 needed)

Other Practitioners: £300 Lead doctor: £450

NCTF Bright eye skin booster

Skin Injectables

1 session

Lead Doctor £300 Other Practitioners £200

3 sessions (recommended)

Lead Doctor £810 Other Practitioners £600


Skin Injectables

Eyes only (1 session)

Lead doctor £550 Other Practitioners £350

Face (per 1 area)

Lead Doctor £550 Other Practitioners £450


Skin Injectables

1 session


3 sessions


PRP Stem cell rejuvenation

Skin Injectables

Hair Loss or Under Eye 1 session


Full face (spread all over face)






Machine based

NFC Signature Sculpting Facial (hands-only facial, helps tone, lift and drain)


NFC Advanced Sculpting and Tightening Facial (combination of signature sculpting and forma RF)




Add prescribed booster

£40 additional

NFC Tightening facial (HydraFacial with Forma RF)


NFC Photo Rejuvenation facial (HydraFacial with LUMECCA IPL)


NFC Biorejuvenation facial (Hydrafacial with PRX Peel)


PRX peel and Lumecca IPL photofacial (PRX peel with Lumecca IPL)


NFC Bespoke Facial (using combination of treatments)


Fire&Ice Facial


Morpheus 8 (price per session) non invasive face lift

Radiofrequency with microneedling

Machine Based

Face and Neck


Eyes only


Jawline only


Body per area

from £650

Clear and Brilliant Laser

Rejuvenating and resurfacing treatment

Machine Based

1 session


3 sessions (includes Discoloration Defense serum)


4 sessions (includes SC Silymarin serum)


Forma Skin Tightening

Radiofrequency without needles

Machine Based

Mid to lower face (nose to mouth lines and jawline)

£250 per session

6 sessions


Sofwave (Skin tightening treatment)

Machine based



Brow Lift


Lumecca IPL photorejuvenation facial

Machine Based

Face 1 session


Face 6 sessions (recommended)




PRX no downtime TCA peel


3 sessions with LED



Machine based

Microneedling with bespoke serums


Skin Membership

Machine based

No Filter Skin Membership (12 month program) monthly skin treatments customised to your skin needs. Excludes Morpheus & Sofwave

£500 one off payment, £200 monthly payment

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