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Under eye hollows/eye bags

What is it?

Under eye hollowing is often referred to as tear troughs. This is a depression under your eyes which may be genetic and present from a young age or it may appear with time. Eye bags are the opposite of tear troughs; they are a protrusion under your eyes as a result of the fat pad under your eye popping outwards. It can also be genetic or due to ageing. Often patients have a mixture of tear troughs and eye bags. In many patients, especially Asian and Afro-carribean, there is also pigmentation of the under eye area.

Why does it happen?

The under eye area is the most delicate and unforgiving in the face. There is very little fat here and the skin is very thin. In some patients, there is little to no fat and the skin is closely adherent to the tissues underneath which gives the impression of a depression which we call the tear trough. Over time we lose volume and collagen in this area which further contributes to this problem. Eye bags occur as the small fat pad that sits underneath pops out of place, this is called orbital fat ptosis. It may be due to lack of structure around the eye area, particularly in the mid face. Or it may be due to skin laxity and loss of collagen.


Treatment Options

Tear trough fillers

For Under eye hollows/eye bags

This is by far our most popular treatment for improving the hollowness under the eyes. Tear trough fillers are used to fill the hollowing under the eye and elevate the skin to be more level with the rest of the face which also improves the shadowing here.

Midface/cheek fillers

For Under eye hollows/eye bags

Before doing direct tear trough fillers it is important to assess there is enough support in the midface/cheek area. Often, by replacing the volume here we are able to improve the tear trough area without direct filler.


For Under eye hollows/eye bags

This is a type of mesotherapy which involves injecting in the area underneath the eyes to rejuvenate this area. It contains hyaluronic acid for hydration and antioxidants, amino acids, glutathione, Vitamin C & E to stimulate fibroblasts and rejuvenate the skin. The result is improved skin texture under the eye with some brightening. This is not a filler.


For Under eye hollows/eye bags

This is a new treatment suitable for patients with tear troughs and eye bags as it carries less risk of puffiness than tear trough fillers do in patients with existing eye bags. Nucleosoft plus eye is a Polynucleotide that is a biomodulator. This means it has a regenerative and lifting effect on the skin and leads to collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production.


For Under eye hollows/eye bags

This helps with fine lines and ‘crepey’ skin under the eyes by bioremodulation. We use your own blood to separate the plasma and use your own growth factors and stem cells to inject in the area under your eyes. You usually need 3 sessions to see a significant improvement.

Morpheus 8

For Under eye hollows/eye bags

Morpheus 8 works by radiofrequency delivering heat to specific depths under the skin that causes a contraction and tightening of the tissue and stimulation of collagen. It can be used to tighten the skin under your eyes. This is good for patients with fine lines and textural issues. It may help slightly tighten the skin. It will not correct a tear trough.

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