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Misshapen Nose

What is it?

Your nose is a central feature of your face and if it is very prominent, it can overshadow your other features. Many people opt for rhinoplasty surgery and whilst this is an excellent option, there are some people that are not ready for the risks and downtime. Some of the complains patients have are - A nose that is overall too large, Bumps, Drooping tip, Wide nose/nostrils, Lack of definition

Why does it happen?

Your nose often starts showing its final shape around late puberty. We do not recommend any treatments for patients under the age of 18 as your nose is still changing. Some people break their noses and find that it does not heal straight. Sometimes people have had surgery and are not completely happy with the outcome.


Treatment Options

Non surgical rhinoplasty

For Misshapen Nose

Non surgical rhinoplasty is an extremely effective treatment for many people. It is best for people who have a mild to moderate hump and drooping of the tip. It can help with slight deviations of the nose. It does not help reduce the size of a large nose, it simply gives an illusion of a smaller nose by improving the shape. It is not suitable if you have a very large nose or if your main issue is a large bulbous tip or broad nostrils.

PDO threads

For Misshapen Nose

PDO threads can also be used to lift the nose. This is best for a drooping tip as it is does not address or straighten a bump in the nose.

Please note, we do not recommend nose fillers for patients who have had rhinoplasty as their anatomy is not predictable and nose fillers are a higher risk area for vascular occlusion.

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