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Morpheus 8 is a machine that uses Radiofrequency and Microneedling. The device can improve skin laxity, stimulate collagen, dramatically reduce acne scars, improve discolouration and help facilitate remodelling of the tissues. It provides incredible, long-lasting results and is often referred to as a non-surgical facelift. Of course, nothing can compare to surgery, but the results are very impressive. Many other brands on the market do the same thing, but Morpheus 8 is the one that has seemed to catch everyone's attention and for good reason. 

Morpheus 8 can be used anywhere on the body. Common areas to target are a double chin, jawline, nose to mouth lines, brow lift and abdomen. Imagine the device as something that is almost able to compress together the deepest layers of tissue to tighten and remodel them. The device will also improve the texture and tightness of the surface layer of the skin. Using the jawline as an example, 3 sessions of Morpheus 8 could dramatically reduce fat in the area, tighten the skin and remodel the jawline to look much more refined. The results, as seen below, really speak for themselves. There is little to no downtime post-treatment with a day or two of redness, and it is relatively comfortable with the right amount of numbing.



It works by Radiofrequency delivering heat to specific depths under the skin that causes a contraction and tightening of the tissue and stimulation of collagen. When taken to certain depths, it can also cause fat loss. All energy-based devices such as HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) and lasers utilise this concept of controlled energy delivery and remodelling. When Radiofrequency is combined with microneedling, you can deliver the radiofrequency through the needles. Morpheus 8 reaches deeper than all other machines on the market, which is why it can remodel the skin to such an extent. We can adjust the needle length to the area, which is how we are able to use it all over the body. It uses gold needles which conduct the energy extremely well. 

Results last for up to 2 years and 3 sessions, around 4 weeks apart, are required to achieve these results. The best results are seen in those over 30 who have some skin laxity. Morpheus 8 is, however, suitable for all skin types. Everyone requires a consultation before having Morpheus 8, as some people may need some skin preparation before having the treatment. 

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30 mins


2 years

no. of sessions

3 sessions / 4 weeks apart.
Maintenance - once a year.


Very minimal. You will have some
redness that will subside quite quickly.


Please see our most commonly asked questions below

What kind of results can be achieved?
Morpheus 8 can be used anywhere on the body. It can treat fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, acne scarring, stretch marks and discolouration. The most popular areas to be treated are the jawline, double chin, cheek lift, nose to mouth lines, brow lift and the abdomen. The most popular treatment is to usually have a full-face and neck treatment for overall lifting, improvement of texture and collagen production.
Who is this treatment suitable and not suitable for?
Morpheus 8 is safe for all skin types. You will see the best results if you have this treatment over 30. We, unfortunately, have to turn away quite a few patients for certain filler treatments if we feel their skin isn’t suitable for the treatment. This is especially common with jawline and tear trough filler, usually down to the patient having too much skin laxity, which Morpheus 8 treats. For the jawline, Morpheus 8 can do something that fillers can’t do without surgery. It’s also great to get this treatment before having filler, as it will usually mean that you require less filler.
How long does it last?
Results of this treatment will last for up to two years. We are never able to give an exact timeline due to the unique variables of each individual. You will then need one top-up session once or twice a year.
What is the recovery/downtime?
There is very minimal downtime for this treatment. You will experience some redness post-treatment, but this will subside in a day or two. Bruises can occur which take a bit longer to subside.
What are the side effects and risks?
Morpheus 8 is a very safe treatment. However, like all potent treatments there are risks which is why it is essential to see someone very knowledgeable for it. The most common risks are prolonged redness and swelling. We can usually manage this with medication which your clinician can prescribe for you. As with all energy based devices, there is a small risk of burning and injury to the skin. This is minimised in Morpheus 8 as the needles are covered in a silicone polymer. Patients at risk of pigmentation are also given skin preparation in the form of Hydroquinone for 6 weeks prior to the treatment. You have to also follow the aftercare to prevent this. Patients prone to break out may find that they get a bit worse after treatment. We prevent this with certain skin preparation that your clinician will discuss with you. All treatments that involve needles carry a small risk of infection. Again, this is something that is fairly straightforward to manage by a clinician which is why it is important to get this treatment in a doctor led clinic.
How painful is the treatment?
We will use numbing cream, so you shouldn’t feel pain in the area unless you have a very low pain threshold (as we are using needles), but most of our patients, once numbed, feel minimal pain. If the pain concerns you, this can be discussed in your consultation to make you feel as comfortable as we can in the process. The numbing cream needs to be applied for 45-60 mins prior to the treatment.
To see optimum results, 3 sessions are required. You will need to have these sessions a minimum of 4 weeks apart.
How will I look straight after?
You will have some redness and mild swelling that will subside after a day or two. You may get tiny scabs the day after which fall off after a few days.
How is it done?
The machine has a surface area of a few centimetres that is made up of a number of needles that are gently injected into the skin. The needle length varies for different parts of the face/body. We slowly move the device across the treated area, ensuring the whole area has been covered. We use numbing cream so you won’t feel much and the process is relatively quick. You may bleed from the treatment but will experience some redness.
What is the aftercare?
- Use an antiseptic product (e.g. Clinisept) immediately following treatment & for up to 1-3 days, or until needle holes have closed
- Cool skin post treatment to reduce discomfort/heat, with clean cooling method
- Use only tepid water and clean hands to clean face on first night
- Avoid using make-up for 1-3 days post treatment, until needle holes close (only recommended make-up may be used until then) Use new/clean applicators.
- Avoid touching treated area (clean hands first if necessary to touch)
- Once holes have closed you may use your usual products - though avoid exfoliating/retinol based products for 3-5 days
- Use an SPF moisturiser daily once holes have closed (with factor 30+) & for at least 4 weeks post treatment, but ideally ongoing for best results
- Avoid significant sun exposure or sunbeds for approx. 4 weeks post treatment
- Moisturise the skin if itchy during healing and do not pick scabs
- Occasionally a breakout may occur a few days post treatment
How do I prepare before the appt?
Please stop retinols, acids and any strong skincare products 3-5 days prior to the treatment. Avoid excessive tanning prior to the treatment. If you get pigmentation easily please inform the clinic as we have to prepare your skin for 4-6 weeks prior to Morpheus 8. Take 1g of Paracetamol one hour before the start of the treatment. Arrive at the appointment with clean skin free of makeup
How does the pricing work?
There are different pricing structures. Please see price list for more information.


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