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No Filter Clinic Skin Membership

No Filter Clinic Skin Membership

Problematic skin? Breakouts? Pigmentation? Dull skin? Or maybe you have good skin and want it to stay that way!

This is where our skin membership comes in.

We know skin changes take time and commitment. We also know how busy life gets and how hard it is to find time for facials and other skin treatments. Skin needs also change every season and it is difficult for people to know what to book. So many of us want to commit to getting regular treatments, and with this in mind, we created a skin membership. Think of it like a gym membership or personal training; consistency and professional input will get you the best results.

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How it works

Come in once a month for a year and get whichever skin treatment is right for you, depending on how your skin behaves.

Please book online or email us if you'd like to sign up.

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Step 01

We assess your skin using our state-of-the-art Observ camera that looks at the deepest layers of your skin



Step 02

You pay £500 upfront and then £200 per month for the rest of the year



Step 03

Come in monthly to do whichever skin treatment is right for you. Our therapist can choose the right treatment for you, depending on your skin concerns. We love combining treatments for the best results, e.g hydrafacial with radiofrequency skin tightening.



Step 04

This works out more cost-effective, and you don’t have to think about what to do. We have an hour to do whichever treatment is right for you.

Treatments available are Lasers, Facials, Peels, Forma Skin Tightening or a bespoke facial combining facial or microneedling. We also have an amazing new protocol using facial sculpting massage with lymphatic drainage which is very good for muscle tension and reducing puffiness.

Please note this does not include Sofwave or Morpheus 8.

Skincare membership works out at an average of £240 per treatment and recommend this for patients that like the more advanced and combination facials we offer.

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