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The issue behind the Instagram Face

The issue behind the Instagram Face

Almost everyone has heard these common criticisms of wrinkle relaxing injections and Filler… everybody who gets it looks the same.

Almost everyone has heard these common criticisms of wrinkle relaxing injections and Filler… everybody who gets it looks the same. This is usually caveated with ‘you’ll be left with puffy lips and a frozen forehead’. It’s not hard to see why people may feel this way. Many social media filters promote this look, a look that’s often dubbed the ‘Instagram’ or ‘Filter’ face. The look we can all so easily run to when we aren’t feeling our best and want to hide behind a mask. Trends exist for fashion, interiors and it seems now facial proportions too.

The next question is where did this look begin and what fuels it. A good place to start is celebrities, look at the people that people look up to. The first thing you’ll find is that a lot of celebrities are starting to look the same. Khloe Kardashian and Chrissy Teigan are great examples of this. Both of these women are beautiful and our intent is not to shame them at all. However, they do just look extremely similar recently. Remarks may be made saying that they must have gone to the same surgeon and although laced with sarcasm, there is some truth to it. Both have opted for bigger lips, a small upturned nose, strong jawline, high cheek bones and a lifted brow.

Treatment packages exist at specific clinics worldwide that sell packages to help you look like a specific celebrity. Gone are the days when you could joke and say ‘I wish I had Kate Moss’ face’, chances are there’s a package out there that could get it for you now. Arguably one of the most popular faces of recent years has been the Kylie Jenner look. From a quick google search, you won’t struggle to find multiple packages that promise to help make you look like Kylie. They will sell you a set bundle of treatments that will help your face look more like Kylie’s. Coincidentally, the filler treatments it appears Kylie has had, lips, cheeks, jawline and chin have become the blueprint for many filters on social media. These filters are highly toxic and addictive. Unfortunately, we can get addicted to our appearance with them on or see so many images on Instagram of influencers all looking a certain way. The catch? The filter makes everyone look the same. And so the cycle begins of everyone with filler looks the same.

Although everyone has the right to do whatever they want to their face, there is some sadness to packages and filters that aim to make everyone look like a clone. Everyone’s face is beautifully unique and everyone’s face needs to be treated differently. There are many brilliant clinics out there that will celebrate you and suggest natural-looking treatment options that will give you the results you desire.

Many celebrities out there have had very natural treatments that would be almost impossible to spot, such as Kate Middleton. Remember, that the best filler is never obvious so for a lot of celebrities you would never actually know if they had had treatment, the press only focus on the negative. Having filler does not and should not mean you end up looking like everyone else. Filler and wrinkle relaxing injections are treatments that require a tailored approach that look at you as an individual. It would be like a personal shopper insisting that everyone wore the exact same dress and shoes in the same size, colour etc. We all know that everyone requires a different size, shape, cut to celebrate their body in the best way and make them look their best. The same must be applied to filler and wrinkle relaxing injections as one look will not look good for everyone. You also need to sit with yourself and ask yourself what your motivation is for having the treatment. Are you just trying to morph yourself into someone else or do you actually want to change or enhance something for the right reasons.

We absolutely love fillers, we have seen how much it can transform people’s confidence or help alleviate insecurities they’ve had for a long time. It’s 2022 you should have the right to do whatever you want to your face and body. But the bottom line is, what suits one person may not suit another.

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